An all inclusive, distinctive indoor produce growing methodology with built in automated growth monitored engineering alerts and historical growth information for each individual Community Fresh Foods Garden Farm location. The system is an industry leading pre-priced, custom, cold and hot climate, year-round, indoor design.

Individual Fresh Foods Garden Farm Systems are custom designed to specifically address individual First Nations and Inuit community nutritional shortages. They allow year-round, quality, fresh produce resources through the cold climate, year round indoor, natural growing of fresh produce greens and other natural fresh foods, within individual Community Garden Farms.

Individual First Nations and Inuit Community Fresh Foods Garden Farms, growing fresh produce, vegetables, fruit, herbs and indigenous traditional medicines, indoors, year-round.  FNG provides ongoing 24/7/365 support through experienced, cold and hot climate, automation savvy, technologically advanced, rotary hydroponic, fresh produce growing experts.

We intend to deliver both individual community training and the installation of dependable, year-round, cold climate, commercial Garden Fresh Foods Farm Systems, that have 365 days a year compatibility. This system can serve the fresh produce needs of each individual community and or include several other area communities with one financially viable, sustainable, commercial Fresh Foods Garden Farm System.

Fully automated, with automated growth monitored and growth history recorded technology to ensure natural, fresh quality produce production of nutritionally rich greens, including year-round maximum growth cycle yields. 

We pride ourselves in the ongoing successes of each and every community Fresh Foods Garden Farm project by delivering additional year-round, 24/7, one-on-one advanced support for each individual location and their personnel. FNG offers advanced pre-opening technical, plant, operation and facility training. This support includes growth education workshop seminars as well as automated and on-line support to ensure the success of each community project. This is an indigenous community opportunity that is long overdue. 

Each individual Fresh Foods Garden Farm System is specifically designed to meet the annual consumption needs of the First Nations and Inuit individual communities, based on population and their specific nutritional needs and concerns.  This may also include other surrounding area communities and residents, providing important, and additional nutrition resources for their membership and their children, from within their own communities, year-round.