Community Capacity Building to ensure success through Industry Partners

FNG has chosen Roto-Gro International, a world-wide leading Canadian Manufacturing Company of new age innovative rotary hydroponics to supply equipment, technology and service for each of our FNG community projects. First Nation Growers and Roto-Gro International have teamed-up to create community capacity building that ensures annual, ongoing Indoor Fresh Foods Garden Farming Co-op successes regardless of geographical locations, worldwide.

First Nation Growers and Roto-Gro International take pride in ensuring the success of each indigenous project through our shared dedicated pre-care and after-care garden market farming programs. Roto-Gro International and First Nation Growers have a unique working relationship that include a shared innovative, vision for worldwide indoor, rotary hydroponic farming that produces nutritiously rich natural, fresh produce, vegetables and fruits that all peoples can afford, year-round.

First Nation Grower and Roto-Gro International share the same goal in supporting indigenous communities across Canada and throughout the world in providing each community with a unique and financially viable opportunity to feed communities from within their own communities, in a year round, 4seasons self-supporting, self-managed operation, regardless of cold or hot climate conditions.

Roto-Gro International is an innovative Canadian Manufacturing Company that has become a worldwide fresh foods indoor agricultural industry leader in rotary hydroponic farming. They are allocating a dedicated Corporate Support Division to work alongside First Nation Growers to advance indoor Agricultural Farming expertise, training, education, know how, and experience to indigenous First Nation and Inuit community growing operations.

They will provide ongoing project annual support and consulting services through their own enhanced and innovative indoor agricultural farming industry tools and technologies. These include worldwide 24/7/365 Network Analysis, Growth and Historical Recording and Monitoring Services to ensure the long-term successes of each and every FNG Community Fresh Foods Garden Farming Co-op Project, regardless of geographical location.

As partners, First Nation Growers will prepare each indigenous community and project operations personnel with important ongoing community capacity building through industry pre-care and after-care training and development programs. These include the strengthening of indoor agricultural skills, abilities, instincts, processes and resources that indigenous communities and their members need to survive, adapt, and thrive in our fast and always changing world today. Our Community Garden Farming Co-op’s will produce important, additional, natural, nutritionally rich food streams that are geared to First Nation and Inuit peoples’ better health, future wellbeing and preserve indigenous family incomes, from within their own Anishinabek communities for 7 Generations.