Creating an FNG Community Garden Farm Co-op facility is an intricate and detailed process. Many varied components must come together to create a smoothly operating and long lasting building and facility. FNG and its project development team, Wiidookaw, follow a detailed and comprehensive process to ensure that from inception the planning of each facility is complete, clear and documented completely through detailed construction design drawings.

At the inception of a project we consider all the variables including, client wants & needs, community planning, resource availability, skilled and unskilled labour access, geography, and many other factors to create a preliminary design that attempts to address these challenges and opportunities. We utilize the preliminary design to create an outline of the project, a “napkin sketch” showing the major needs and considerations. We then take this “napkin sketch” back to our project partners for review, comment and revision. At this stage we are trying to ensure that we consider all the high level needs of the project, including the following:

  • Overall Building Size
  • Major components of the facility
  • What are the inside needs, the space needs of the facility to satisfy the main objectives of the project
  • Are there issues that may make certain materials or methods of construction inefficient or wastful of limited resour· ces?
  • Time constraints
  • Geographical constraints
  • Resource or skills restraints·
  • Beneficial opportunities that can be incorporated into the project

Once the development team has created this “napkin sketch” we start to define our space and what needs to be in our building, including what types of construction will work to meet the requirements of the preliminary plan. At this point we take back all of the information we have gathered such as comments, revisions, feedback and create a 30% complete set of construction drawings. These drawings contain many of the details, shapes and sizes of the end facility, but still lack sufficient details to allow construction to proceed. These drawings are taken back to the project table to be reviewed, commented on and critiqued.

At this stage we have a very good idea of the final shape of our facility, but we still need to finalize the last key items to allow us to create final construction drawings. We incorporate the comments and information from all the previous stages into our drawings and create a 60% complete set of drawings. These drawings are fully dimensioned, with general notes and key details incorporated. All aspects of the construction method and materials that will be used in the final facility have been selected and included in these drawings. Once again, we take these drawings back to the project team and vet one last time.

A final 90% set of documents is created. Like the previous stage, these drawings contain all the necessary dimensions required to build the facility. They also now contain all the various materials and methods from previous stages. This is the final time the drawings are taken back to the project team for a final vetting. This is also the stage that we ask all project participants to make last comments and give final approvals to the design. Once all of these stages have been complete, the Project Development team takes these drawings and completes a final review of all drawings. We also complete a final coordination review of the drawings and ensure that lines, dimensions and sizes are fully coordinated to ensure that our facility is ready to be built.

FNG and Wiidookaw believe that this process, fully coordinated and comprehensive as it is, is the best way to ensure that the project drawings and documents are sufficient to allow the smooth and efficient construction of each & every facility.