FNG is committed to supporting our indigenous brothers and sisters, and their communities and that most certainly includes putting the environment first. Our goal is to remain technologically advanced in the best interest of the environment including sustainable water treatment for 7 Generations. Clean Water is most important to each individual 4seasons Community Garden Farming Co-op project.

We work in partnership with local indigenous communities to help the poorest and most marginalized communities set up practical and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene natural water treatment projects that meet their real needs, and service each Community Garden Farm Co-op Facility with the very same innovative water treatment technologies that we make available to each and every First Nation and or Inuit community that we work with across Canada to create a working relationship between each 4seasons Garden Farming Co-op facility, the community, and environment.

First Nation Growers community water projects include four vital and inter-related components, which combined together help to maximize health and development benefits. Clean water, basic sanitation, hygiene education and natural foods farming are the ABCDs of project development—the building blocks toward a better future for every community, making water fit for both community garden farming and human consumption.

FNG uses practical, locally appropriate, cost-effective, new, and innovative water treatment technologies so to ensure that operational maintenance requirements for the new water supply and sanitation facilities can be easily learned and adopted by each local indigenous community regardless of geographical location.All aspects of First Nation Growers Community Garden Farm Co-op projects are designed and implemented with long-term sustainability in mind. This means that upon completion of each project, community members are equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to manage and maintain their own water treatment and new-age community garden farming co-op facility.

FIRST NATION GROWERS Community Garden Farm Co-op’s address the water treatment needs of each and every community project across Canada regardless of location and or isolated remoteness. The FNG Water treatment platform allows for the integration of clean water supply into any remote indigenous and or Inuit community Canada wide and allows for the control of multiple tower flows, increasing overall efficiency and access to a clean, natural water supply for every 4seasons Community Garden Farm.