FNG Management is a collaborated vision between two close family members that share a common goal to make a difference today for tomorrow in our First Nations and Inuit communities. Daughter Dawn Tabobondung and her mother, Joyce Tabobondung have always shared the same vision to find ways that contribute to the betterment of all indigenous peoples. Joyce Tabobondung will serve as Corporate Vice President, also serving as Senior Indigenous Advisor. Both Ladies have impressive biographies.

Specifically, through providing ways to promote better health in First Nation and Inuit communities by adding improved nutritional streams, naturally growing ones own fresh produce, vegetables, fruit, herbs and indigenous traditional medicines, where job titles are insignificant, as the work is done through collaboration and teamwork. Dawn will oversee the day-to-day operations of the business, with Joyce focusing on building strong First Nations and Inuit community relationships throughout Turtle Island.

Dawn has vast experience in business bookkeeping with an important background in audit executed accounting. Dawn also has strong communication and trusted people skills in working both with First Nations and non-Native people and organizations.

Joyce Tabobondung is a well respected Indigenous Elder and former First Nation and regional area community leader, holding position as Chief for many years, as her own mother did for so many years before her. Her son Warren, has also followed in her footprints, sitting as the current Chief of Wasauksing First Nation. Joyce has held several key management, council, and First Nations leadership positions throughout her years and currently sits as the area Anishinabek Friendship Centre, President. There is no one better to lead the vision of First Nation Growers LP., in developing First Nations and Inuit community partnerships that will surely last for generations based on the strong vision and corporate core values of FNG.

Most importantly, Joyce understands the needs, and wants of the Anishinabek peoples and their community concerns, including the important nutritional well-being of First Nations and Inuit communities throughout all of Canada. FIRST NATION GROWERS LP., with a four-person executive team that includes two trusted senior industry advisors and an outside consultant working closely on our entrance into the natural, cold climate, rotary hydroponic growth industry, we are confidence that we have the right startup management pieces in place to create a strong FNG future.

It will be a priority of FNG to hire indigenous community members where and when we can. We are looking for talented, dedicated and committed First Nation and Inuit community members that take pride in working from home, within their own community. We know our First Nations and Inuit community members can perform the job tasks in all areas of operations