First Nation Growers LP., is extremely well positioned and ahead of other hydroponic growers due to a very strong and exclusive relationship with our Canadian Gro-Tower Manufacturer. Our agreement allows our customer clients and other First Nations and or Inuit community Fresh Food Garden Farm growers to access our 365/24/7 fully automated control monitoring system for cold or hot climate, natural, indoor 4seasons growing , exclusive to First Nation Growers.

All facets of growth environments and production are monitored and recorded throughout each growth cycle, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with built in alerts when growth parameters are outside of preset configurable settings. We are never alone in monitoring growth or production with an automated, detailed technical growth chart kept on hand and available for historical reference of each growth cycle for each product in every Gro Tower at any given time.

This automated control system monitors every aspect of growth and system of providing immediate, automatic alerts when growth parameters are outside of pre-configured settings. There is monitoring of cold climate or hot climate indoor room temperatures, humidity, Co2 levels, PH and TDS levels and other garden farm parameters set for water temperatures for each individual grow unit. This maintains the highest standard in quality, grow cycle high yields and security.

Growth Monitors are installed at each project site on every Gro Tower as well as at FNG Head Office to ensure 365/24/7 project growth monitoring, security and assistance to ensure the continued successes of each individual Community Garden Farm Project.