Indigenous, Inuit and other more remote Canadian First Nation and non-Native communities are being deprived of year- round, quality, fresh produce greens that are unfairly priced and in turn each of their communities are suffering a lack of natural, healthy, and affordable, daily nutrition because of consistently poor, below average produce that is being routinely delivered to their communities. Produce that is too often of the poorest quality, and extortionately high priced.

First Nation, Inuit and our more remote non-Native Canadian communities are hungry for new and better, year round, quality, nutritionally rich produce. FNG enables indigenous communities to grow produce greens that enhance the day-to-day health of individual communities and their members and their member’s children, in producing their own, fresh, natural, healthy, and appropriately priced fresh produce, vegetables, fruit and herbs for their community members and their children, enhancing year round health from and within their own individual indigenous communities.

No other company that we are aware of to date has offered these communities, our brothers and sisters, an alternative, nutritionally rich, affordable, year-round community solution. First Nation Growers LP. is dedicated to taking this problem on, head on, addressing community needs with custom, cold climate designed, year round, indoor community garden farms.

FNG provides an attractive, affordable, viable, environmentally friendly, cold climate growing solution for every community, including our most remote sub-zero, geographical unfriendly, growth restricted environments.

The consistency of fresh produce in First Nation and Inuit communities throughout Canada is almost non-existent in terms of quality, and too often ridiculously high priced, adversely affecting the day-to-day good health and well-being of far too many First Nations and Inuit communities, their
members and their member’s children.

An underlying issue, and concern is the reluctance to change current food based values of our First Nations and Inuit communities. The current lack of effort to provide communities with nutritional education and year-round, affordable, quality, fresh produce causes a profuse lack of nutrition in indigenous peoples daily diets.

Nutrition and health concerns need to be addressed by providing current information, education and easy access to ensuring the availability of year round quality, fresh produce. First Nation Growers LP. is addressing important nutritional day-to-day needs of every First Nation and Inuit community, regardless of geographical, year round, cold climate locations.