Indigenous, Inuit and other remote Canadian and non-native communities are being deprived of year-round, quality, fresh produce that is fairly priced and their community members are suffering a lack of natural, day-to-day healthy nutrition. Communities consistently receive poor and below average quality produce delivered to their communities throughout the year. That is if they can even access fresh, quality produce. Produce is often extremely high priced due to factors like long distance shipping and remote locations.

Many levels of Bureaucracy and the Government in Canada to date have ignored serious, cold climate growers from operating on a commercially viable scale, servicing our most remote First Nation and Inuit communities from within their own communities.

For whatever reason, it has not been a priority, or in their best economic, or political interest to promote anything but the delivery of overpriced, sub-standard produce and other poor quality fresh vegetables and fruit products to many of our First Nation, Inuit and other Northern Canadian communities.

No other company, that we are aware of has offered these communities, our brothers and sisters, an alternative, nutritional, affordable, year-round community solution, as of yet.

FNG is dedicated to taking this problem on, head- on, addressing community needs with an attractive, viable, affordable, environmentally friendly, cold climate growing solution for every community, especially in our remote Canadian sub-zero, geographically unfriendly and seasonal time restricted, cold climate communities.

 The quality of fresh produce in First Nation and Inuit communities throughout Canada are both almost non-existent in terms of quality, and priced ridiculously high. This is adversely affecting the day-to-day good health and well-being of too many First Nations and Inuit communities and their peoples. To-date, very few policy makers and companies have seemed interested in seriously addressing these everyday important nutritional needs  on behalf of Indigenous peoples.

First Nation Growers will address these important needs for every First Nation and Inuit community, regardless of geographical location.