First Nation Growers Community Garden Farming Co-op Pre-Care-After-Care Training and skills development empowers Indigenous people and their communities.

Each of our FNG training programs are complimented by a series of seminars focusing on specific areas of new age rotary hydroponic growing. Courses are available through distance learning (self study), in-class learning, hands-on workshops, and web based virtual learning. Examples will be given on how to set up informative training sessions with department managers and community members. Courses are taught by certified instructors and can be given within the community, even those in remote northern locations. We come to you! Courses are also available to all Indigenous agricultural professionals, and those dealing with Indigenous exposures.

When operations give the same commitment to Indigenous employment initiatives as other business activities, good outcomes can be achieved in relatively short time frames. Achieving sustainable improvements in Indigenous employment begins with commitment. Companies with successful Indigenous employment strategies have an executive leadership team that has publicly committed to improving Indigenous employment outcomes and backs this commitment by providing adequate financial and human resources. Companies communicate their commitment to staff, contractors, suppliers and shareholders through statements, policies, strategies and reconciliation action plans.

FIRST NATION GROWERS LP. intends to support the continuous successes of each of our First Nations and Inuit Community Garden Farming Co-op projects and partner communities by providing pre-startup and semi-annual Head Office Facility visits that include informative training and industry education workshop seminars.

Each employee and manager, as an essential component of our continued support for the ongoing success of each, fresh produce community grow project will be privy to immediate and easy accessible industry education, knowledge, and growth understanding through innovative training, and staff development education workshop seminars, both on-site and on-line.

We stand behind our equipment 100% in terms of warranty and operational guarantees, but we also believe that it is as equally important to get behind our people in providing pre-startup and semi-annual employee industry training, education and development workshop seminars to ensure the successes and longevity of each First Nation Indigenous Community Garden Farm Co-op System projects, regardless of size or remoteness in terms of location, Canada-wide.

FNG will provide 24/7/365 support and is both privy and sensitive to Indigenous concerns, incomes and issues, where our intentions are to create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful and enjoyable office and plant facility environment. Employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect each other and customer clients as well as the quality of the products that we produce. First Nations and Inuit community project employees and visitors will feel welcomed and at home during every Facility industry Workshop and Education Training seminar.

FNG intends to provide the best possible important, additional, and most easily accessible informative project training, education, and development workshop seminars for each First Nations Growers Inc. Fresh Foods Garden Farm Co-op community project, creating added value for each community partner grower.

A big part of our fresh produce education component will be the added on-line webinars made available to each community member, discussing the value of added nutrition to our diets, cooking with fresh produce greens and why including healthy eating and diets benefit one today for tomorrow, that fresh produce consumption provides our bodies and the ongoing long-term benefits of good health.

In addition, community project employee industry training, workshop and education seminar follow-up will be mandatory so as to ensure project, customer client, and employee satisfaction, knowledge and operational successes.